SmartAnthill is based on Twisted and can be launched as Foreground Process as well as Background Process.

Foreground Process

The whole list of usage options for SmartAnthill is accessible via:

smartanthill --help

Quick launching (the user’s home directory ${HOME} will be used as Workspace Directory):


Launching with specific Workspace Directory:

smartanthill --workspacedir=/path/to/workspace/directory

Check the Configuration page for detailed configuration options.

Background Process

The launching in the Background Process implements through twistd utility. The whole list of usage options for twistd is accessible via twistd --help command. The final SmartAnthill command looks like:

twistd smartanthill

Dashboard (GUI)

SmartAnthill Dashboard is accessible by default on http://localhost:8138.

However, you can change TCP/IP port later using Dashboard > Settings page.