SmartAnthill uses JSON human-readable format for data serialization. This syntax is easy for using and reading.

The SmartAnthill Configuration Parser gathers data in the next order (steps):

  1. Loads predefined Base Configuration options.
  2. Loads options from Workspace Directory.
  3. Loads Console Options.


The Configuration Parser redefines options step by step (from #1 to #3). The Console Options step has the highest priority.

Base Configuration

The Base Configuration is predefined in SmartAnthill System. See config_base.json.

Workspace Directory

SmartAnthill uses --workspacedir for:

  • finding user’s specific start-up configuration options. They must be located in the smartanthill.json file. (Check the list of the available options here)
  • finding the Plugins for SmartAnthill System (should be located in plugins directory, see examples)
  • storing the settings about embedded boards/MCUs
  • storing the another working data.


The Workspace Directory must have Written Permission

Console Options

The simple options that are defined in Base Configuration can be redefined through console options for SmartAnthill Application.

The whole list of usage options for SmartAnthill are accessible via:

smartanthill --help